HootSEO: Our Premium Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Package

Hoot Host is proud to unveil HootSEO, our premium ongoing search engine optimization package for businesses who are serious about getting ideal results on Google. Designed to enhance your website’s visibility and performance on Google, HootSEO is the perfect SEO package to help your business rise in search engine results. With a focus on three core areas – On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and several key Additional SEO Services – we offer a detailed and organic approach to elevating your online presence.

On-Page SEO: Customized Content and Strategic Optimization for Enhanced Visibility

On-Page SEO isn’t just about keywords; it’s about creating a seamless and engaging user experience that also appeals to search engines. Our approach integrates technical structure with content excellence, ensuring every page on your site is a potential gateway to higher rankings and customer conversions.

• Complete SEO Audit: Identify areas for improvement and craft a targeted strategy.
• Content Writing Optimization and Keyword Research: Engage your audience with compelling content optimized for the keywords and phrases they’re searching for.
• Content Strategy (Local or Business Specific): Tailored strategies that resonate with your target demographic and geographic area.
• Title/Description/Image Attributes: Crafted to catch both the user’s eye and search engine algorithms.
• Optimizing the Customer Journey for Conversions: Enhance the relationship between SEO and the customer journey to guide visitors effectively through your website, resulting in increased conversions.
• E-E-A-T Optimization: Establish and enhance your site’s Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness with Google.
• Blog Management (4 Posts Per Month): Regular, fresh, and relevant content to keep your audience engaged and informed. While also increasing relevancy with Google over time in key topics that relate to your business.

Technical SEO: Sophisticated Backend Enhancements for Peak Performance, Superior Usability, and Compliance

Technical SEO is the backbone of your website’s performance. It’s about optimizing the infrastructure of your site so that search engines can crawl and index your content more effectively, and users can enjoy a faster, accessible, and more secure browsing experience.

• Google Analytics / Search Console Installation: Vital tools for monitoring website performance and user interaction.
• Google Lighthouse Performance / Best Practices / Accessibility / SEO Ratings 90%+ Mobile and Desktop: Your site will be optimized to meet the highest standards of performance, best practices, SEO, and accessibility.
• Schema Structure / robots.txt / XML Sitemaps: Essential elements that help search engines understand and index your site more effectively.
• ARIA (Accessibility Rich) Markup: Ensuring your site is accessible to all users, enhancing user experience and compliance.
• Company Logo and Preview Configured for Google, Facebook Pixel, and Social Networks: Consistent and optimized branding across all platforms.
• Canonical Tag Implementation: Avoid duplicate content issues and focus search engines on your pillar pages.
• NoFollow / NoReferrer / NoOpener Tag Implementation: Direct search engine crawlers effectively for better site structure and security.
• SEO Headline / Content Structure Optimization: Engage both readers and search engines with well-structured, compelling content.
• Performance Optimization Techniques: Including Cloudflare CDN, caching, deferring, and various compression methods for lightning-fast load times.
• Security Optimization: Comprehensive security measures to protect your site and its visitors.
• Accessibility and Legal Compliance: Ensuring your site meets all legal requirements and is accessible to users with disabilities.

Additional SEO Services: Expanding Your Reach and Influence with Comprehensive External Strategies

In addition to perfecting your website’s internal aspects, it’s crucial to extend your influence and authority through strategic external measures. Our Additional SEO Services are designed to ensure your website not only ranks well, but also establishes a dominant online presence.

• Google Business Profile Set-up and Optimization: Essential for local SEO and to improve your visibility in Google’s local search results.
• Google Business Profile Weekly Updates: Keep your profile fresh and engaging with regular updates using your blog posts and related announcements.
• Authoritative Link Building: Enhance your site’s authority with links from reputable, relevant third party resources.
• Off-Site SEO Strategy Consulting: Helping your business develop a comprehensive strategy to boost your presence and authority beyond your website.
• SEM and Paid Advertising Management: Targeted advertising campaigns to complement your organic SEO efforts, all managed for you.
• Monthly Reporting and Strategy Meetings: Stay informed on your progress and adjust strategies as needed for continued improvement.
• HootPress – Our Enhanced WordPress: Specifically for WP users, take your site to the next level with our specialized WordPress enhancements.

With HootSEO, you’re not just getting an SEO service; you’re investing in a comprehensive strategy designed to elevate your online presence and keep you ahead of the competition.

From the detailed optimization of your on-page content to the sophisticated technical enhancements and our expansive additional services, HootSEO covers every aspect of ideal search engine optimization.

Partner with Hoot Host and let HootSEO transform your website into a powerhouse of performance, visibility, and authority on Google!

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