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$25.00 / month


HootCRM is our CRM and all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your business to market smarter, engage better, and grow faster.

  • Contacts Management & Activity
  • Lead Generation & Pipelines
  • Calendars & Booking
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Scheduling & Posting
  • Google Business Profile Management
  • Landing Pages, Funnels, Advanced Forms
  • Payments and Invoicing
  • Website Chat Widget by Waggle AI (add-on)
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Automation and Integrations
Hoot CRM

Contacts Management

Calendars & Booking

Email Marketing

Social Media + Google Business


What is the average timeline to completion?

We complete most websites in 2-3 weeks. However some website projects may take up to 30 business days to complete. At the start of your project you will be supplied a formal statement of work with an accurate timeline based on your specific project needs.

How many design revisions do I get?

Startup Website Builder plans are limited to 1 design option. We build your website in HootPress, our enhanced version of WordPress. HootPress comes with a professional and optimized website theme that we customize for your business. We make the design and development process a complete collaboration with you, customizing HootPress to your brand’s colors, fonts, and style. This ensures the website best represents your business.

What if I need more pages / products?

The Startup Website Builder plan is limited to only 5 basic content pages, a blog, and basic functionality like forms. Check out our higher level website plans for additional features.

Do I get forms?

Absolutely! Forms and similar basic website functionality options are included.

What functionality can my website have?

The Startup Website Builder plan is ideal for very basic business websites up to 5 content pages, a blog, and limited functionality needs.

What does Hoot do after the site is launched?

Most website projects are completed and launched in under 30 business days. From the date of launch Hoot Host continues to manage basic website needs including: 1 blog post per month, SEO essentials, ADA compliance, page edits and updates, general site management, and technical support.

Startup Website Builder plan subscribers are limited to 2 hours per month website maintenance and management*

Can I use my existing domain?

Absolutely! If you are looking to redesign your existing website, you can keep your existing domain. We also offer a free domain option

Plus, if you transfer your existing domain to Hoot Host, you’ll receive free domain renewal while still maintaining complete ownership!

Can I request a certain platform or template?

No. Startup Website Builder plans are developed in a particular WordPress system that we call HootPress – our enhanced version of WordPress. It includes limited design and functionality options, but provides a professional website with basic optimizations for a startup or small business.

Is there a contract?

No! We do not hold our customers to any contract terms. You can cancel at any time.

Read our complete terms and conditions here.