Website Builder customers are not held to any formal contract term. A Website Builder customer can cancel at any time.

Website Access

Website access to manage the backend, content, media, and basic functionality is granted to all customers.

Higher level backend privileges are not granted to customers for administration, security, and performance reasons.

Ownership and Termination

A customer may lose access to the Hoot Host platform and the website built for their business if their subscription is cancelled, or if the subscription is terminated for any reason.

Hoot Host websites are developed so they cannot be transferred to another platform or hosting provider without approval.


A customer may cancel their Website Builder subscription at any time.

If a customer cancels their Website Builder subscription they will be supplied all content, media, and basic materials owned by their company so they can build a new website with another provider.

If a customer wishes to keep the website that was built and hosted by Hoot Host, migration and transfer fees will only apply in the first year (12 renewal billing cycles) of service. After the first year a customer may transfer the website in its entirety to another platform for free.

Migration and Transfer Fees

Migration and transfer fees, if applicable, are determined by date of sign-up, amount of monthly renewals processed, and any passed due fees on a customer account.

A customer will not be granted full privileges to their website or the core files of the website until the determined fees are paid in full.

Once the determined migration and transfer fees are paid in full, migration service off the Hoot Host platform will be provided free of charge.

Plan Changes and Downgrades

Existing customers on the Business and Premium Website Builder plans may not downgrade to a lower level plan for the first year of service. Unless the downgrade has been approved by the Hoot Host team.