Supporting Businesses on Alignable

This is a great case study example of the businesses we have been meeting and helping on Alignable since we joined only 2 months ago.

A Tennessee newspaper had been having ongoing issues for months with their WordPress website and hosting at GoDaddy. We reached out via Alignable and offered a free consultation to resolve the hosting issues and get the website (that has been online since 2014) back up and working how it should. The client subscribed to our WordPress hosting plan for only $15 per month and also received the first month free using code HOOTFREE at checkout. We worked immediately to restore the broken website then transfer the site to our cloud hosting platform. The website was successfully relaunched including integrations with Google Cloud + LiteSpeed and Cloudflare for enhanced performance and security over their online community. Included in our hosting plan is also the managed updating of their backend, plugins, and core configurations. Which created immediate improvements in SEO, performance, security, compliance, and resolved several design issues. As well as code errors on the backend! ​All completed in under 24 hours. In the coming months we will be working with the client to further enhance their website and the overall design presentation too.

We have been very fortunate to make many great connections like this via Alignable since we joined. If you need support for website hosting, maintenance and management, or you are looking to build a completely new website – reach out to learn how Hoot Host can benefit your business. Schedule a free consultation here:

Here is the Alignable recommendation the client wrote about their experience with Hoot Host:

“It took me 2 months to follow through with a free consult with Hoot Host. After talking with Christopher it took him less than 24 hours to get my site back online and start cleaning up the mess my site was in. After what I have been through with others, I had to pinch myself to be sure that this is for real! Looking forward to a long and productive relationship with Hoot Host.”

– Patricia A Williams, East Tennessee Enlightener Newspaper

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