Changing the Definition of Website Maintenance

It is very reasonable for any business owner to ask the question – what is website maintenance and why do I need it? When it comes to WordPress especially, there are tons of companies out there completely focused on just offering maintenance. They pitch their service as the only way to keep your site up-to-date, but really all they do are basic tasks that don’t actually do anything to benefit your business.

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Website maintenance is about a lot more than just updating plugins, running page audits, and protecting your site from malware. But companies like SiteCare (or any of the companies with WP right in their name) only offer these basic tasks in their plans. We call them basic tasks because Hoot Host includes core updates, plugin updates, page audits and optimization, and malware protection in our lowest priced hosting plans! We don’t even consider these maintenance services. So what is actual website maintenance then? Hoot Host is clearly changing the definition.

Business owners don’t have time to handle the technical management and core updates of their website platform – even in a simple platform like WordPress. So website maintenance companies have made a lucrative business out of doing these basic tasks and acting like they are offering high value services.

Once you look into the actual services these companies include in their maintenance plans, you realize they are the absolute basics! As soon as you ask them for real maintenance like page edits and design updates, content editing and publishing, marketing coordination, landing pages, blog management, e-commerce business assistance, advanced website development, custom graphic design, compliance certification, or search engine optimization – you are being upsold a whole other service plan that costs dramatically more.

All of these maintenance companies highest level plans won’t give their customers more than 1-3 hours a month for actual website maintenance services. Even a bigger company like SiteCare is not any better. So not only is Hoot Host far more comprehensive in what we offer, but we give more time to our customers too!

A word about this topic from our founder, Christopher Carbaugh: “I started Hoot Host defining website maintenance as helping businesses with upkeeping the content, design, optimization, and marketing strategies of their websites. Creating a subscription of bundled services in an affordable plan. I had no idea other companies were doing basic WordPress tasks and calling that maintenance. We obviously do all that and so much more. So I’m very glad from day one Hoot Host has been about doing more for our customers and providing quantifiable results through true value-adding services.”

So what is website maintenance? It is services that actually contribute to the content, design, optimization, marketing, and management of your website. Creating a results-driven online presence that enhances your business.

Once a website is hosted with us, core updates, plugin updates, malware protection, technical fixes, and general support are included and done daily. With SiteCare or one of the WP companies, that is all you get. So Hoot Host is here to say, that isn’t website maintenance.

The website maintenance services we include in our plans is what businesses actually need and rely on for real results from their website.

• Page Edits and Design Updates
• Content Editing and Publishing
• Ongoing Search Engine Optimization
• ADA, WCAG, GDPR, CCPA Compliance
• E-commerce Business Assistance
• Advanced Website Development
• Custom Graphic Design
• Unlimited Stock Photo and Video
• Blog Management
• Landing Pages (powered by Hoot.Page)
• Marketing Coordination
• Hoot Marketing Services

Plus best-in-class hosting benefits:

• Business or E-Commerce Cloud Hosting
• Free Annual Domain Renewal
• SSL Certificate and Firewall Security
• Google Cloud + LiteSpeed
• C2 Series Compute-Optimized Hosting
• Cloudflare Security and Performance
• Scalable Technical Resources
• Advanced DDoS and Malware Protection
• Daily Website Backups
• Managed Core and Plugin Updates
• Access and Training
• 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
• 30GB Email Accounts

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