Hoot Host + Cloudflare

Hoot Host is taking our website hosting infrastructure to the next level by now including automatic Cloudflare integration in all hosting and website maintenance plans.

Integrating the sophisticated performance and security tools Cloudflare offers creates an unparalleled, best-in-class hosting experience for our customers.

Credit: Cloudflare

Cloudflare’s performance and security technology helps us take the hosting, maintenance, and management of your website to new heights. Hoot Host customers will experience a dramatic performance and security boost through key Cloudflare features.

• Dynamic Image Resizing and Optimization
• Auto Minify
• Brotli Compression
• Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization
• TCP Turbo
• Mirage
• Rocket Loader

• Bot Fight Mode
• DDoS Protection
• Page Shield
• WAF Security
• SSL/TLS Edge Certificates
• Secure DNS Management and Protection

For our WordPress maintenance customers, Cloudflare’s Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress plugin will be included for no additional charge. APO serves a WordPress site from Cloudflare’s edge network. Caching page elements like third party fonts. Imagine all the performance benefits of a static website without any development changes to how your WordPress website is managed. It results in consistent – fast TTFB and site content loading dramatically faster.

In combination with our existing cloud hosting and strategic infrastructure systems, Cloudflare helps take Hoot Host website hosting and maintenance plans to an unrivaled level.

Need website hosting or looking to switch to Hoot Host? Get started with website hosting here. Cloudflare is now included in all hosting plans.

Looking to take your website to the next level? Get website maintenance, management, optimization, and marketing from Hoot Host. Cloudflare automatic integration is included for all our maintenance and management customers.

Hoot Host is constantly working to improve our service and build our web technology infrastructure to best serve our customers. Cloudflare integration is an integral part of our platform improvements, and we have many more coming for our customers!