Hoot Host vs The Big Hosting Companies (and agency resellers)

Website hosting is a big business. There are so many hosting providers to choose from!

GoDaddy, HostPapa, DreamHost, Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, InMotion, the list goes on and on. All offering virtually the same solutions with complex breakdowns of technical info making it impossible for business owners to know which plan is right for them. Leaving most business owners overpaying for a high level hosting plan they don’t really need – or buying the cheapest plan they see not realizing they just set their business website up for failure with an inadequate system.

Then there is the support issue. Once you inevitably have an issue with your website, good luck getting quality personalized support from any of the big hosting companies. Nearly all of the big names have notoriously bad customer support. You call an 800 number and pray for good luck actually resolving your website issue. It is just a bad system and none of the big hosting companies do it very well.

As an alternative, many businesses just let their web or marketing agency handle their website hosting. But just like every other service offered by traditional agencies, they overcharge and underserve. Especially for website hosting. Even more importantly, agencies don’t know anything about hosting. Nor do they have a dedicated expert actively managing your website hosting. Agencies can’t offer scalable, customized hosting for a business, because it is simply not their expertise. They only deal with hosting when there is a problem. Nearly all agencies simply buy a plan from one of the big hosting companies and hope their customers don’t have an issue.

Even if an agency is smart and partners with an agency provider like Flywheel – they still can only host WordPress sites, still can’t customize your CPU, storage and bandwidth – and still are just reselling hosting to your business for an overcharged rate. While also still not really knowing how to best serve your website hosting needs.

Whether it is a traditional agency, one of the WP maintenance companies, or just going directly to one of the big hosting providers – your website is not getting the customized hosting and personalized support it needs to truly be a productive marketing tool for your business.

and if you need email hosting support too – good luck getting quality service and support from an agency or WP maintenance company. They simply do not have the technical skills to manage your business email needs.

That is why Hoot Host created our unique web technology infrastructure. To make quality website (and email) hosting easy to get and priced fairly for your business. Our website hosting plans have simple breakdowns making it straightforward to know which plan is best for you. While still providing the highest level technical infrastructure possible. Between our Hoot Host managed system, and our strategic infrastructure systems, we have created a powerful hosting platform that is truly scalable and customized for each business we support.

Our infrastructure systems Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Flywheel, and LiteSpeed help us offer advanced cloud hosting, email, WordPress, and CDN services that make the Hoot Host platform a truly powerful hosting network.

Then there is Hoot Host support. All Hoot customers are assigned a Hoot Expert who manages their account, hosting, and website. Creating an ongoing relationship with a true web expert that is a partner in your business. An ongoing partner who you have the direct contact information for and communicate with regularly. No 800 numbers, no agencies giving you excuses, no disappearing freelancers. Hoot Host is reinventing website support with our unique approach to customer care and technical support.

So take the guesswork out of website hosting and let the experts at Hoot Host provide your business with the highest level of customized hosting you’ll find anywhere. With personalized support that only Hoot Host can offer.

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