Managed Website Hosting: The Key to a Secure, Fast, and Reliable Website

Your website is the center of your online presence. It’s where you connect with your customers and grow your business. But handling the technical stuff like setting up hosting and maintaining your website’s infrastructure can be a lot of work. Especially when dealing with hosting companies who make it impossible to know which plan is ideal for your business and are notoriously bad at customer support.

If you are using WordPress, WooCommerce or other platforms like Joomla, Drupal, and Magento it is very important to choose the best hosting system with the right configurations for your business website. That’s where managed website hosting comes in. Managed website hosting is a higher level of web hosting that takes care of all the technical aspects of running your business website. So you can focus on running your business and not worry about your website. This includes tasks like:

Updates: Managed hosting providers will automatically update the platform that powers your website, such as WordPress, plus your plugins, theme, and integrated tools. This can help to prevent security vulnerabilities and keep your website up-to-date. Some WP maintenance companies only update WordPress plugins twice a year! This inadequate support leaves your business website open to security vulnerabilities and performance issues. Hoot Host handles updates regularly – meaning every week and every month we are monitoring and updating your business website for ideal security and performance.

Daily Backups: Managed hosting providers like Hoot Host will create daily backups of your website, so you have the ultimate safety net if the site is ever damaged or has technical issues. Plus we keep 30 days of backups on file so you can refer back to older versions if necessary. Not to mention all managed hosting customers get a staging site for their website to handle updates and changes in a private environment before taking them public.

Advanced Security: Managed hosting providers like Hoot Host use a variety of security measures to protect your website from hacking, malware, and bots. Don’t trust your business website to a basic GoDaddy plan or a website agency with no hosting infrastructure knowledge. Hoot Host prioritizes security with ironclad hosting configurations, malware and bot protection, and security integrations via Cloudflare.

Peak Performance: Hoot Host managed hosting uses specialized infrastructure systems to optimize the performance of your website. Including Google Cloud + LiteSpeed for best-in-class website performance, with C2 series compute-optimized hosting options available. Plus Cloudflare performance integrations like caching, minify, image compression, Brotli, Mirage, Defer JS, and related CDN performance tools. This coordinated system improves your website’s loading speed and user experience.

Personalized Support: Hoot Host offers support via direct contact information of an assigned expert who you have an ongoing relationship with. This means that you can get help with anything you need, when you need it, from someone you know you can rely on and cares about your business. Your Hoot Expert’s direct contact information is available in your member dashboard and we have a 24/7 support line where you can chat, text, or call!

If you are serious about protecting and optimizing your website, then you need to choose a managed website hosting provider. Hoot Host’s managed website hosting plans offer the highest level security, performance, and support. Our plans are built to host the web platforms you love! Including WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and non-CMS coded websites.

Contact us today to learn more about our managed website hosting plans and how we can help you take your website to the next level.