Website maintenance doesn’t just apply to WordPress

In recent times, there has been a surge in maintenance companies focused solely on WordPress. All only providing WordPress plans with standard features like updating plugins, website backups, and basic maintenance services. Hoot Host outshines these companies with the most comprehensive WordPress maintenance plan available.

However, the reality is that website maintenance and management applies to more than just WordPress websites. It’s important to recognize that the website platform landscape extends far beyond WordPress, as there are many other website platforms taking up more market share every year. Supporting only WordPress is denying many business owners the crucial professional help they need to grow their online presence.

While we certainly love WordPress, and use WordPress for our Website Builder plans, our focus at Hoot Host extends beyond a single platform. Irrespective of how your business website was constructed, we’re dedicated to helping your business get the most from your online presence. This includes websites built on various platforms, each with their own unique benefits, features, and challenges. But regardless of the platform your business website is built on, the common goals of high conversions, increased business, and quantifiable results still apply. Let’s dive into each website platform Hoot Host offers maintenance and management plans for.

Wix is renowned for its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality. While it simplifies the initial website creation process, ongoing maintenance remains vital. Our team ensures that your Wix site not only continues to function smoothly but also evolves to meet changing business needs. This includes updating content, blog management, optimizing for search engines, and integrating new features seamlessly.

Squarespace empowers users with its visually appealing templates and intuitive design options. Yet, maintaining a Squarespace site requires consistent attention. We take care of tasks such as content updates, design refinements, publishing blogs, SEO essentials, and performance optimization. This ensures that your Squarespace website maintains its aesthetic appeal while consistently growing your authority on search engines.

HubSpot offers a powerful platform for inbound marketing and sales. Your HubSpot website demands ongoing maintenance to align with your marketing strategies. We manage content and blog updates, lead generation strategies, and search engine optimization to help you capitalize on HubSpot’s capabilities effectively.

Shopify stands as a prominent choice for e-commerce ventures. Managing an online store requires vigilant maintenance. Our team handles product updates, e-commerce management, technical assistance, customer experience enhancements, and posting blogs that drive more traffic. This ensures your Shopify store operates reliably, finds more customers through search engines, and provides customers with a smooth purchasing journey.

Webflow provides a platform for designing, building, and launching responsive websites visually. While it facilitates creative freedom, ongoing maintenance plays a key role in sustaining your Webflow site’s functionality and optimization. We take care of updates, design improvements, search engine optimization, advanced website development, and more – so your Webflow site remains impressive and grows your online presence.

Other popular platforms we host and maintain are Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and good old fashioned non-CMS coded websites!

Hoot Host takes pride in its ability to maintain and host websites across diverse platforms. Our approach to website maintenance isn’t confined to any particular platform. Rather, we’re committed to aiding your business in maximizing the potential of your website as a valuable marketing and outreach asset, no matter how it was originally developed.

Our comprehensive maintenance plans encompass a range of benefits, including page edits and updates, content editing and publishing, ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) essentials, conversion optimization, legal compliance adherence, marketing coordination, advanced website development, custom graphic design, and more.

For businesses relying on WordPress, our WordPress Maintenance Plan stands out as the most comprehensive offering anywhere. The WP maintenance companies simply cannot be compared. Hoot Host offers their standard services in our managed WordPress hosting plan for just $15! By choosing Hoot Host for WordPress maintenance, you gain an ongoing partner dedicated to overseeing your website and growing your online presence. Not just someone updating your plugins.

Irrespective of the tools or platform used to build your site, if you’re seeking more in-depth maintenance and a dependable ongoing partnership, our Professional Plan and Enterprise Plan are designed to deliver peak measureable outcomes for businesses. We also offer platform specific maintenance plans for Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, HubSpot, Webflow and non-CMS custom websites too!

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