HootCRM: The Wiser Way to Build Connections and Boost Your Business

Small businesses and local service providers face the dual challenge of building meaningful connections with their audience and scaling their operations effectively. That’s why we created HootCRM 2.0, our enhanced platform designed with the unique needs of small businesses and local service providers in mind.

Our mission is simple: to empower businesses to market smarter, engage better, and grow faster. With HootCRM, we’re not just offering a CRM platform; we’re providing a comprehensive solution for contacts management and an all-in-one marketing platform. Here’s how the new HootCRM stands out as “The Wiser Way to Build Connections and Boost Your Business.”

Comprehensive Contacts Management

At the heart of any successful business is the ability to manage and nurture customer relationships. HootCRM offers a robust contact management system that allows you to keep track of customer interactions, preferences, and history, ensuring you can personalize your approach and build stronger connections.

Streamlined Lead Generation and Pipelines

Generating leads and managing them efficiently is crucial for growth. HootCRM simplifies this process with tools designed to capture leads, build and manage pipelines, and convert prospects into loyal customers, all within a single platform.

Reputation Management Made Easy

Your online reputation is your business’s backbone. With HootCRM, requesting reviews to Google, Facebook, or anywhere you are building your reputation is easy. Increase reviews from satisfied customers to help you build a positive online presence and attract more business.

Streamlined Calendars & Booking

Simplify appointment scheduling and manage your bookings seamlessly with HootCRM’s integrated calendars. This feature allows your business to book appointments effortlessly. Say goodbye to Calendly! With HootCRM you have a professional calendar and booking system to effectively manage appointments that automatically integrates into your contacts management.

Landing Pages, Funnels, Forms

Convert your traffic into leads with high-converting landing pages, funnels, and forms. HootCRM makes it easy to design, implement, and optimize these elements, ensuring a powerful digital consumer journey that encourages conversion.

Engage Instantly with the Website Chat Widget

This tool enhances customer experience by offering personalized and instant support. It also simplifies lead capture by seamlessly collecting contact information and integrating every conversation into the HootCRM database. With the capability for 24/7 availability through AI-driven automated responses, this widget ensures your business is always accessible.

Discover how HootCRM empowers small businesses and local service providers to unlock their full potential by providing a comprehensive suite of tools designed for effective connection building, audience engagement, and sustainable business growth.

Engage Your Audience with Email Marketing

Create, send, and track email campaigns that resonate with your audience. HootCRM’s email marketing tools are designed to enhance your outreach efforts, enabling personalized communication that drives engagement and conversions. No more MailChimp or ConstantContact, HootCRM takes email marketing and contacts management to another level.

Social Media Scheduling & Posting

Maintain a consistent presence on social media with our scheduling and posting features. Plan your content in advance, post across multiple platforms, and engage with your audience more effectively without spending hours each day.

Expand Your Reach with Google Business Profile Management

Your Google Business Profile is a critical touchpoint for local search visibility. HootCRM makes it easy to post updates and expand your reach on Google. Ensuring your business is relevant and visible to potential customers on search engine results pages.

Make Informed Decisions with Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Understanding your business’s performance is key to making data-driven decisions. HootCRM’s reporting and analytics tools provide real-time insights into your marketing efforts, customer engagement, and overall business health, allowing you to build effective strategies.

Work More Efficiently with Automation and AI Integrations

In a world where time is a precious commodity, efficiency is everything. HootCRM leverages automations and AI to take care of routine tasks. Including follow-up emails, automated pipelines, campaign scheduling, and more. All focused on freeing you up to focus on what matters most — growing your business!

Expand Your Toolkit with Marketplace Add-Ons

Every business is unique, and sometimes you need that extra functionality to meet your specific needs. HootCRM’s marketplace offers a wide range of powerful add-on apps and integrations, ensuring you can tailor the platform to fit your business perfectly.

Try HootCRM Free!

At Hoot Host, we understand the challenges small businesses face. That’s why we’ve designed the new HootCRM 2.0 to be the wiser choice for businesses looking to build connections, effectively engage their audience, and grow their business.

For a limited time, we are offering the first month free for our new HootCRM 2.0 platform. Use code CRMFREE at checkout, try HootCRM, and discover the immense power our new platform will bring to your business.

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