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Wiser Way Website + Marketing Plan

$1,500.00 / month


The Wiser Way plan is our ultimate website + marketing package creating a professional and results-driven online presence.

This premium plan includes a professional business website, weekly blogging and social media management, SEO, a custom AI chatbot, and our powerful CRM + all-in-one marketing software. Giving your business the highest level online presence and marketing tools to drive your business growth.

Premium Website

HootCRM + AI Chatbot

Blog Management

Social Media Management

Hoot Host Premium Website Customer

Included in the Wiser Way plan is ongoing maintenance, management, and hosting!

Management & Hosting Benefits:

• Page Edits and Design Updates
• Blog Management (4 Posts Per Month)
Google SEO Essentials
Conversion / Consumer Journey Optimization
• E-commerce Business Assistance
• Free Domain Renewal
• Google Cloud + LiteSpeed
• C2 Series Compute-Optimized Hosting
• Cloudflare Security and Performance
• SSL Certificate
• Hacking and Malware Protection
• Daily Website Backups
• Managed Backend and Plugin Updates
HootPress – Our Enhanced WordPress

All benefits included in our Enterprise Management Plan*

Your Hoot Expert is a partner you can rely on and communicate directly with 24/7!

Available via live chat, email, or right from your Hoot Host Member Dashboard!



What is the average timeline to build the website?

Most website projects take no longer than 30 business days to complete. At the start of your project you will be supplied a formal statement of work with an accurate timeline based on your specific project needs.

Social media management services usually take 1-2 weeks to organize the first month of posts for all networks.

How many website design revisions do I get?

Unlimited! We make the design and development process a complete collaboration with you, providing as many revisions as needed. This ensures the website meets all goals and expectations.

What if I need more pages / products?

The Wiser Way plan covers up to 25 pages or products for your website. If your project is a larger scale than that, we will work with you to organize the additional pages and sections under your ongoing maintenance plan. Custom options are available and your Hoot expert will work with you to accommodate all your needs.

What functionality can my website have?

The Wiser Way plan is ideal for professional business websites with standard functionality options commonly found in WordPress. Including integration with WooCommerce for an e-commerce platform selling your products online. HootCRM is included for calendar booking, chatbot, email marketing, lead magnet, custom forms, and similar marketing integrations.

Advanced functionality options including large scale e-commerce, subscription, membership and community websites can be covered by this plan. Custom functionality development is always included and your Hoot Expert will work with you on any advanced website features. Contact Hoot Host to discuss your specific website functionality needs.

At the beginning of your project a formal statement of work will be provided with an overview of all required functionality included for your specific website.

What does Hoot Host do after the site is launched?

Most website projects are completed and launched within 30 business days. From the date of launch Hoot Host continues to manage all website needs including: SEO configurations, compliance, page edits and design updates, marketing coordination through HootCRM, social media management, 4 blog posts written for you every month, general site management, technical support, analytics & reporting, and more!

Wiser Way plan subscribers are limited to 10 hours per month website maintenance*

Can I use my existing domain?

Absolutely! If you are looking to redesign your existing website, you can keep your existing domain.

Plus, if you transfer your existing domain to Hoot Host, you’ll receive free annual domain renewal while still maintaining complete ownership!

Can I request a certain platform or template?

Yes! While Hoot Experts tend to only used approved, industry standard platforms, frameworks, and tools; we are always open to using a requested tool, add-on, plugin, or template. Contact Hoot Host to let us know your plan and we’ll make appropriate recommendations.

What social networks are included in the social media management service?

HootSocial is our social media management package included in this plan. It includes 3 posts per week to all of your social networks. We include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, and YouTube.

Custom additional posts and video creation services are available upon request.

While we do request any relevant media, images, or video to help our social media efforts – Hoot Host includes all custom design, art, images, videos, and content writing. Including our hashtag and geo-targeting strategies all done for your business to create a professional social media presence.

Your social media manager also works to actively manage all engagement in messages and comments.

How do you decide what to blog about?

We write and publish 4 blog posts per month for you! However we make the blog topic and writing process a complete collaboration with you. Your blog manager will work with you on topic strategy to help our search engine optimization efforts, while also making sure your message and insights are always included.

Our main goal with your blog posts is to drive search engine relevance and topic authority. However blog posts can also be helpful for sharing company updates, personal insights, general news, and announcements.

Your blog manager always makes sure you approve of all posts before they are published.

Why do I need a CRM and marketing platform?

HootCRM is our CRM and all-in-one marketing platform. This valuable tool helps you manage your leads and contacts, build pipelines, manage your calendar and appointments, and so much more.

Using HootCRM in your website, all forms, calendar, email sign-ups, or payment forms log the user contact details in your Contacts. Helping you build a comprehensive list of all your leads and customers. Included in HootCRM is our email marketing tool. Which helps you build unique email lists and send out marketing emails, monthly newsletters, promotions, and more to your audience.

We also use HootCRM for crucial marketing efforts such as building marketing landing pages, funnels, and more! All with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Plus you can manage your custom built AI chatbot right from HootCRM too!

Do I really need a chatbot on my website?

A chatbot integrated into your website is a game-changer for many businesses. Our custom AI chatbot drives leads, creates bookings, and helps website visitors find important information they are looking for.

Our AI technology partner, Waggle AI, builds a custom AI chatbot that is unique to your business. Helping your website have the highest level of communication and online assistance. Helping your business increase lead generation, conversions, and customer retention.

Is there a contract?

No! We do not hold our customers to any contract terms. You can cancel at any time.

Read our complete terms and conditions here.

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